Sunday, 12 November 2006


“We will remember them”, but remember whom? How can we remember men of the ‘lost generation’ whom we have never met, even if they were members of our own families? Some of the surnames are familiar to us today, for descendants or other family members still live in the locality. It is unlikely, though, that anyone living today remembers the men behind the names on the Bridgham and Roudham War Memorial. All we can do is hold them in remembrance, which is not quite the same thing.



Anonymous said...

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-- Graham Jones

brian said...

I shall certainly not forget all the brave boys from Bridgham who laid down their lives to thwart Kaiser Bill's wicked ambitions in Europe

clare said...

Have managed to make a comment this time!
It all looks very interesting David

Anonymous said...

An interesting read, and thank you for dispatching my book order so promptly.
Regards Wing Commander Brown

Irk said...

Never thought I would see our family name in print.But now that I have found Reuben Kemp I willl not forget him and try to pass on his memory..
Many thanks for bringing my family history alive